Smart Tech

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. – Albert Einstein


Biotechnology: Biotechnology is a branch of science that uses living cells and bacteria in an industrial and scientific process. It is not something new. The making of soy sauce and yogurt are really old forms of biotechnology. Today, biotechnology involves modern... Continue Reading →

VoIP Technology

VoIP Predictive Dialer Solution: What is a VoIP predictive dialer solution? A voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) predictive dialer is an electrical appliance or device that uses VoIP technology to assist in making telephone calls. A Dialer is an appliance riding... Continue Reading →

Google Pixel

Google Pixel Features, News and Release date: Google Pixel design and display: The Google Pixel sports an aluminum and glass design, giving it a premium look and feel with the choice of three colors: quite black, very silver and really... Continue Reading →

One Plus 3

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